StrongArm Technologies

Our wearable devices work to protect over 30,000 of today’s Industrial Athletes™ – individuals who put their bodies on the line day in and day out to fulfill the world’s essential services – by providing real-time feedback to inform safety, proper training and productivity across the workforce. With more than 30 million hours of on-body data driving its insight engine, StrongArm’s SafeWork System and intuitive dashboard have proven a 45 percent year-over-year injury reduction rate for customers, providing an average 250% return on their investment.

Worked on creative for social media, environmental graphics for the office and trade shows, newsletter sends, sales team collateral, created a resource library full of videos and engagement collateral, while handling all other miscellaneous projects.


The 2022 Industrial Athlete Workforce Report 

The state of workplace safety according to
industrial workers themselves – the first of its kind
to be compiled and presented to the public.

Read the Whole Thing.

Resource Library

Built a resource libary to enable managers to help train/correct their Inustrial Athletes to be able to work safer/smarter. Includes videos/posters/engagement materials.
Enviormental Graphics 

Updated trade show graphics, and designed new office graphics.